Full Satisfaction with accessoriess 2×3

AS141, AS142, AS143

Multiboard Markers

2x3 Art. No.TypePackWeight [kg]Delivery
AS141 OZwhite150,342
AS142 OZblack150,342
AS1434 colors40,142


Starter kit

For dry-wipe boards. Includes: 4 markers, magnetic holder for markers, cleaning liquid 200 ml, magnetic eraser, extra felt pads, magnets: 10 × 20 mm.

Starter kit

2x3 Art. No.PackWeight [kg]Delivery


Drywipe markers

Available in packages (4 markers) in green, blue, red and black also in a big set – 15 black markers. Easy to remove from board surface. Alcohol based ink. Rounded tip.

Drywipe markers

2x3 Art. No.TypePackWeight [kg]Delivery
AS1044 colors40,142
AS104 OZblack150,342

AS127, AS128

Magnetic holders: CLASSIC, ERGO

Magnetic holders for markers

Holder for 4 marker pens. Built-in magnet for easy attaching to the whiteboard.

2x3 Art. No.Size [mm]PackWeight [kg]Delivery
AS127150 × 62 × 4210,122
AS128150 × 62 × 3810,152


Eraser SLIM / eraser refills

Durable and clean shape. Replaceable felt pads. Built-in magnet for easy attaching to the whiteboard.

Eraser Slim

2x3 Art. No.Size [mm]PackWeight [kg]Delivery
AS122150 x 62 x 3310,102
AS123150 x 60 x 2100,032


Eraser DUO / eraser refills

Drywipe Eraser DUO

Durable and ergonomic shape. Replaceable felt pads. Built-in magnet for easy attaching to the whiteboard.

2x3 Art. No.Size [mm]PackWeight [kg]Delivery
AS125150 x 62 x 3010,122
AS123150 x 60 x 2100,032

AS105, AS131

Whiteboard cleaning liquid

Perfectly removes dirt from whiteboard surface. Conserves and protects board surface. Spray bottle. 200 or 500 ml capacity.

Whiteboard cleaning liquid

2x3 Art. No.Volume [ml]PackWeight [kg]Delivery


magnetic holder of flipchart pads

Portable 67 cm long clamp. The magnet bar at the back sticks to any ferromagnetic flat surface like a magnetic board, steel doors or
lockers etc. Two adjustable hitches for pads.

Warranty: 2 years.

Przenośny uchwyt magnetyczny do bloku

rysunek techniczny - wymiary
2x3 Art. No.Size [cm]PackWeight [kg]Delivery
TFUB66,3 x 5,9 x 3,510,52


Flipchart markers

For paper usage. Available in packages (4 markers). In green, blue, red and black. Rounded tip. Alcohol based ink.

Markers for paper
2x3 Art. No.PackWeight [kg]Delivery

B01, B02, B04, B05

30 sheets pads A1 or 20 sheets pads EURO

A1 size (30 sheets.) or EURO size, (20 sheets). High quality paper. Four holes to grip pads. Squared and smooth pads available. Individual foil packaging.

Flipchart sheet pad

2x3 Art. No.TypeSize [cm]SheetWeight [kg]Delivery
B01gridA1 [58 x 83]301,12
B02plainA1 [58 x 83]301,12
B04plainEURO [66 x 99]201,12
B05gridEURO [66 x 99]201,12


Hanger for flipchart pads

Hanger for flipchart pads or other items. Fits multipanel and pivoting boards. Also other boards which don’t have to mounted directly onto wall.

Hanger for flipchart pads

2x3 Art. No.PackWeight [kg]Delivery



Available in 3 sizes. Colours: green, yellow, red and blue. Covered with special anti-scratch layer. 10 pcs in box.

Magnets (4 colours)

2x3 Art. No.Diameter [mm]PackWeight [kg]Delivery
AM120Ø 25100,152
AM130Ø 30100,252
AM140Ø 40100,32


Magnetic symbols

Made of special magnetic foil. Perfect solution for maps and planners. 307 pcs in 4 sheets. Green, yellow, red and blue colour.

Magnetic symbols (4 colours)

2x3 Art. No.PackWeight [kg]Delivery


Coloured magnetic strips

Made of special magnetic foil. Perfect solution for whiteboards and planners. Can be cut into demanded sizes with scissors. The set includes 4 pcs, 60 cm long. Green, yellow, red and blue colour.

Magnetic strips (4 colours)

2x3 Art. No.PackWeight [kg]Delivery

STP001, STP002, STP003

Signs for planners

Printed on self-adhesive foil. Make your planning board easier to read.

Signs for planners

2x3 Art. No.TypePackWeight [kg]Delivery

AS134, AS135, AS136

Magnetic frame

Magnetic frame from PVC foil. Ideal solution for presentation of documents on your magnetic board.

Magnetic frame

2x3 Art. No.FormatPackWeight [kg]Delivery

AS137, AS138

Magnetic rail

Useful, magnetic rail for attaching notes with magnets. Easy to fit with double-sided scotch.

Magnetic rail

2x3 Art. No.Size [cm]PackWeight [kg]Delivery
AS1375 x 5010,082
AS1385 x 10010,162

A002, A003


Available in two shapes: barrels and flags. Wide range of colours. Packed in plastic boxes (30 pcs in box).

Push-pins - barrels / flags

2x3 Art. No.TypePackWeight [kg]Delivery

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