Frameless boards



Frameless boards

Thanks to frameless boards , any space or wall can become a surface for writing and expressing your creativity, as well as an efficient presentation space during meetings.

The ease and benefits associated with the transportation, installation and use of frameless boards will revolutionize the business world for professionals and for suppliers of office supplies and equipment.

It is a product offering endless possibilities. Compact, modular and light solution. Ergonomic and economical. Plaques can be assembled and assembled by one person, regardless of the final form of their arrangement on the wall.

The great advantage is the lack of external structural elements. It is the only modular plaque on the market that allows compositions from standard sizes to entire “walls”. Thanks to the modular assembly, we can get any size – from 70 cm to any length, height and position.

The perfect finish, magnetic surface. The table is made of 0.7 mm thick sheet metal. With a total thickness of 10 mm (including the accessories shelf), it is the thinnest and most compact tablet on the market.
Thanks to the fact that it was made of one piece, the product is virtually indestructible.

Frameless boards are also the most economical solution on the market due to savings in transport, storage and installation costs.

2x3 Art. No.ColourSize A×B [cm]
RD-6420Rwhite75 × 115
RD-6421Rwhite100 × 150
RD-6420R-230light green75 × 115
RD-6421R-230light green100 × 150
RD-6420R-630blue75 × 115
RD-6421R-630blue100 × 150