Remote support


koło ratunkowe - pomoc online

„Remote support” was created for clients which need some technical help with AV products.

We have the ability to connect with the client’s computer to make correct settings and configurations so that our products can work properly. </ P>

Remote control and help from the Internet with software TeamViewer

You should download this tiny software (2,59 MB) initiating remote session.

Download TeamViewerQS_pl

Note: The program works in an encrypted (secure) connection.

User manual

Okno dialogowe pobierania (after click on link
  • Click button „Pobierz program TeamViewer QS PL
  • You need to start software from the shortcut icon
  • Next You calling to remote consultant and give the ID number Twojego ID — 9-digits after to started software (green circled field)



Monday-Friday (8-16) help you:

Jerzy Smoła
Konsultant ds. Rozwiązań Interaktywnych
Zadzwoń | Pisz

Jarosław Kaczmarek
Konsultant ds. Rozwiązań Interaktywnych
Zadzwoń | Pisz