XL Boards



Academic XL Board

Tablica akademicka w ramie aluminiowej GTO. Powierzchnia kredowa magnetyczna (ceramiczna - dożywotnia gwarancja). Wymiar: 500 x 120 cm.

Writing boards. Width reaches up to 500 cm! Chalk or dry-erase board with magnetic – lacquered or ceramic surface.

Elegant GTO frame – aluminium, anodized silver finish, plastic grey corners. Bottom profile with integrated shelf along the whole width of the board.

Despite its large size, distinguished by light-weight and rigid construction, thanks to the honeycomb structure of support plate.

Perfectly flat surface through the hot-melt adhesive technology.

Set includes: mounting kit.

TAS, TAK - techn. drawing - dimensions

2x3 Art. No.Size A×B [cm]ColourPackWeight [kg]Delivery
LTAS1230300 × 120white13015
LTAK1230300 × 120green12815
LTAS1235350 × 120white13815
LTAK1235350 × 120green13515
LTAS1240400 × 120white14515
LTAK1240400 × 120green14015
LTAS1245450 × 120white15215
LTAK1245450 × 120green14515
LTAS1250500 × 120white15915
LTAK1250500 × 120green15115
CTAS1230P3300 × 120white13515
CTAK1230P3300 × 120green13315
CTAS1235P3350 × 120white14415
CTAK1235P3350 × 120green14015
CTAS1240P3400 × 120white15115
CTAK1240P3400 × 120green14615
CTAS1245P3450 × 120white15515
CTAK1245P3450 × 120green15315
CTAS1250P3500 × 120white15915
CTAK1250P3500 × 120green15815

Warranty: 2-year product warranty, lifetime for the ceramic steel surface and 10-year for the lacquered.



Vertical Sliding Boards

Vertical sliding boards

tablice w systemie kolumnowym tablice w systemie kolumnowym
tablice w systemie kolumnowym tablice w systemie kolumnowym
tablice w systemie kolumnowym tablice w systemie kolumnowym

Space limitations. Double or triple your writing area using our vertical sliding boards held by suspension stainless steel cables and pulley system. They slide independently over each other, one in front of the other. The panels are precisely counterweighted for smooth operation, so they can be raised and lowered easily, even with a finger.

Two pillars made of anodised aluminium, matched to the height of the lecture hall ceiling (max. height: 295 cm; standard height: 265 cm).
All writing surfaces come with lacquered or the highest quality ceramic-steel surfaces. Combination of whiteboard or chalkboard available. All are magnetic.

Custom widths are always available. Call customer service for details.

Note! There is a possibility to produce boards with grid or lines on its surface.

ST - techn. drawing - dimensions

2x3 Art. No.Size* A×B [cm]Colours of boardsPackWeight [kg]Delivery
CSTSK1220P3200 × 120green / white1170i
CSTKK1220P3200 × 120green / green1170i
CSTSS1220P3200 × 120white / white1170i
CSTSK1225P3250 × 120green / white1206i
CSTKK1225P3250 × 120green / green1206i
CSTSS1225P3250 × 120white / white1206i
CSTSK1230P3300 × 120green / white1245i
CSTKK1230P3300 × 120green / green1245i
CSTSS1230P3300 × 120white / white1245i
LSTSK1220200 × 120green / white1170i
LSTKK1220200 × 120green / green1170i
LSTSS1220200 × 120white / white1170i
LSTSK1225250 × 120green / white1206i
LSTKK1225250 × 120green / green1206i
LSTSS1225250 × 120white / white1206i
LSTSK1230300 × 120green / white1245i
LSTKK1230300 × 120green / green1245i
LSTSS1230300 × 120white / white1245i
* Size of one board. Note! Wider boards possible.