officeBoard map-board – Poland

Rama z profilu aluminiowegoTablica mapa drogowa Polski, w ramie aluminiowej officeBoard

Rama z profilu aluminiowegoTablica mapa administracyjno-drogowa Polski

Map on softboard or magnetic board. Aluminium frame. Use pushpins or magnets in the case of maps of magnetic properties to
mark points of interest on your map.

Set includes: Mounting set.

Warranty: 2-year product warranty.

rys. techn. - wymiary

2x3 Art. No.TypeSize AxB [cm]PackWeight [kg]Delivery
Soft (pin map)
TMPA1road102,5 × 12014,510
TMPA2administrative102,5 × 12014,510
Hard (magnetic)
TMPA1Mroad102,5 × 12016,510
TMPA2Madministrative102,5 × 12016,510