Planning boards



Magnetic planning board with cork C-line

Planer tygodniowy

TPC03 – weekly planner

Planer miesięczny

TPC01 – monthly planner

Magnetic Whiteboards coated with magnetic properties. Permanent imprint schedule on the surface to plan tasks at specified intervals
(weekly or monthly). The frame is made of aluminum C-line profile in silver, decorated with elegant, decorative corners. Extremely easy
and fast to install.

Includes: a marker, 3 magnets (Ø20 mm) and fasteners.

Warranty: 10 years for the lacquered surface, 2 years for the product.

Planer - rys. techn. - wymiary

2x3 Art. No.TypeSize A×B [cm]PackWeight [kg]Delivery
LTPC03/C65weekly60 × 5012,22
LTPC01/C65monthly60 × 5012,22