Free standing leaflet displays



Free-standing display

The stand for leaflets with possibilities to free arrangement depending on needs and free space available. The base has four canals for mounting chosen elements from one or four sides in any arrangement. It is possible to place: poster frames; steel, acrylic shelves for leaflets; banner boards, slide-in frames, acrylic pockets (central or side).

Tower Modular Display Unit

FS (fig. 1)

Tower Modular Display Unit

FS (fig. 2)

Tower Modular Display Unit


FS - Configurations

2x3 Art. No.Poster Size [mm]PackWeight [kg]Delivery
Frames 32 mm mitered
FSTZ32/A2BG420 × 594 (A2)11,510
FSTZ32/A1BG594 × 841 (A1)12,810
FSTZ32/B2BG500 × 700 (B2)12,210
FSTZ32/B1BG700 × 1000 (B1)1310
Frames 32 mm round
FSTZ32/A2420 × 594 (A2)11,510
FSTZ32/A1594 × 841 (A1)12,810
FSTZ32/B2500 × 700 (B2)12,210
FSTZ32/B1700 × 1000 (B1)1310
Acrylic side shelf
FSKABA42 × A510,4i
Steel shelf
FSPS2A42 × A412,1i
Acrylic shelf
FSPA2A42 × A411,6i
Stand (base)
FSN (h = 185 cm)111,42

Note! All pieces included in the free standing system are sold separately.

Warranty: 2-year product warranty.