Brochure sets



Multiside brochure stand

2-sided, 3-sided or 4-sided stand on a solid aluminium pedestal (height: 160 cm). Shelves are made from clear acrylic. The stand was
designed as to allow the user to fix-on the shelves in any arrangement, as needed – as a maximum, the stand will hold: up to 10
shelves [SM2], up to 15 shelves [SM3], up to 20 shelves [SM4].

The pedestal is available in silver color, equipped with smoothly rotating wheels [SM2 and SM3]. Self-assembly product. Note: shelves are sold separately.

2x3 Art. No.TypePackWeight [kg]Delivery
SMPA4 (acrylic shelf)A410,25i
SMPA5 (acrylic shelf)A510,21i
SMP13A4 (acrylic shelf)1/3 A410,13i



Brochure sets

Brochure sets

A brochure holder that is designed to present min 6 max 32 brochures at the same time in the stores, galleries, banks etc. When used with 4 wheels it is easily moved. Single or double faced options are present. Transparent shelves are made of 4 mm acrylic; the legs are made of aluminium.

PSU/DSU/WSU - tech. drawing - dimensions

2x3 Art. No.Poster SizePackWeight [kg]Delivery
single sided
PSU6A46 × A41112
PSU8A48 × A41132
PSU16A416 × A411910
double sided
DSU12A412 × A411310
DSU16A416 × A411610
DSU32A432 × A411910
on the wall
WSU4A44 × A41910
WSU6A46 × A411110
WSU8A48 × A411310
TZK – wheels40,410

Warranty: 2-year product warranty.